Susanne TayfoorSusanne Tayfoor – Principal

Susanne has worked as a University Principal Lecturer in Law for over 18 years, training many Oxbridge graduates. She is a Barrister and has a Masters in Law from King College, London University, She was called to the Bar in 1999 and is a member of Gray’s Inn. Susanne also holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and English Literature, has a PGCPE and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has published a book with Cambridge University Press on Common Mistakes at First Certificate. She writes and leads some of the workshops at the JLC.

Idea behind the Junior Lawyers Club: ‘As a Principal Law Lecturer, I taught many students who were ‘high-flyers’, excelling in exams and interviews, equally at ease in the classroom and in social situations. These students would often receive multiple offers from sought-after employers.

I found that I could often spot these outstanding students from their first few classes, and studied the qualities, the soft skills and academic skills, that set these students apart. I’ve called these the transferable skills of a successful lawyer, as most of my students qualified as solicitors or barristers, but they are applicable to ANYONE whatever career or business they embark upon.

I set about devising a detailed series of exercises that would develop these qualities in younger children from age 8 up to young adults. I wanted students to develop a passion for speaking, learning and thinking and to stimulate curiosity and knowledge in a wide range of topics. Being able to think creatively and critically, to have your voice heard, to be able to lead and inspire others with a clear and engaging vision, these are some of the most empowering things we can give students today. No one knows where the future is going in these fast-changing times – many of the job roles they may work in have not been created yet. But we can prepare them for the future by making them resourceful, innovative and curious, able to voice their opinions engagingly, with the ability to put people at ease and make people want to listen to them.’

JLC aims:

To develop

Independent thought – developing the ability to create logical and persuasive arguments, to critically analyse information sources and to think creatively
Confidence – giving everyone the platform to perform increasingly well, within a supportive environment
Empathy – developing the ability to actively listen and consider other views

Course Contributors/Presenters/Developers:

Schona JollySchona Jolly QC

Volunteer Course Contributor and Consultant – Schona Jolly is an equalities, employment and human rights barrister, practising from Cloisters Chambers. She is a Q.C and was shortlisted for Lawyer of the Year 2015. She is Chair of the Bar Human Rights Committee. She writes, publishes and lectures on human rights and discrimination topics, and speaks several languages.

roxanne-stockwellRoxanne Stockwell – Board of Professional Advisers

Drama Materials Consultant and Contributor – Lawyer, theatre specialist and qualified speech and drama teacher. Roxanne initially qualified as a solicitor and worked as a corporate lawyer for several years before becoming the MD of a touring educational theatre company in Australia, which included running drama workshops for children from 4-18 years of age. She now works in higher education in the UK. Roxanne has a BA (Hons) and Masters Degree in Law  from the University of Sydney, an MA in Theatre Directing from the University of Western Sydney, a Masters Degree in Law from UCL, and an Associate Teachers Diploma in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London. She is currently completing a doctorate in higher education management at the University of Bath.

John Clifford – Board of Professional Advisers

John Clifford is Head of law Programmes at Pearson College and former Dean of Kaplan Law and Business School and Director of the Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP.  He is on the governing body of a leading London school, and was also a Principal A-Level examiner.  He holds a Masters Degree in Public Law, and a Masters Research degree in Medical Law.

At the Junior Lawyers’ Club John supervises our staff-training programme and oversees rigorous quality control for our course materials and syllabus development.

Louise CrippsBoard of Professional Advisors

Louise has over 30 years’ experience in education including 13 years as a Headteacher of a primary school in Bath. Committed to helping children develop a lifelong love of learning, and passionate about equipping them with the skillset they will need for the future, she has brought her energy and experience to the Board of Professional Advisors.

Debbie Davies

Debbie commenced her career as a police officer, working for the CPS before joining a criminal defence firm. Debbie then worked as a solicitor specialising in youth crime. Upon realising a passion to assist and inspire young students, Debbie moved into higher education full-time 14 years ago. She has worked at a leading legal provider and University for many years, training graduate and undergraduate students. Debbie is currently an Associate Lecturer at both The Open University and Pearson College delivering the advocacy and negotiation programme to undergraduates. Debbie now brings her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to teaching our workshops at the Junior Lawyers Club.

Sarah Percival

Sarah Percival is one of our panel of presenters. She trained as an actress and spent many years acting in in classical theatre productions. As a frequent presenter she is an expert in the art of speaking clearly, eloquently and confidently. Sarah is a spellbinding storyteller and has performed in venues ranging from the House of Lords to Wandsworth prison. As an experienced workshop leader, she has coached a variety of professionals in presentation skills technique.

Sebastian Humphreys

Sebastian Humphreys has worked as an actor for four years, having honed his vocal skills first on stage in productions ranging from ‘1848’ at Conway Hall to ‘The Taylor Made Man’ in The Arts Theatre, and later on radio, including the award winning Digital Drama production of ‘Peace in Our Time’. Having completed courses at Central School of Speech and Drama and The National Youth Theatre, Sebastian is now a scholarship student at LAMDA