1) All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions. By entering the child for the session the terms will be deemed to have been accepted by the parent or carer.
2) We are unable to accept children into classes without prior booking, due to venue and activity restrictions.
3) The person making the booking is responsible for providing any updated information regarding address, emergency contact numbers and doctor’s details.
4) We require a minimum level of linguistic ability. This must be demonstrated through an initial diagnostic language test.
5) Pupils must have started Year 3 (Key Stage 2) as a minimum entry level.
6) For classes to run effectively, a high degree of discipline is required. In the event that our teachers deem the behaviour of a student to fall below the level required, we reserve the right to exclude the pupil from the class where necessary. This will be determined at the sole discretion of the staff at the Junior Lawyers’ Club, and a refund of the remaining amount will be offered in the event of a child being deemed not yet ready to attend the sessions.
7) Whilst we fully hope to run all sessions, in the unlikely event of our having to cancel a course prior to commencement, all monies will be returned in full.
8) In the event of a cancellation of less than two weeks’ notice by the customer prior to commencement of the course, we operate a no-refund policy.
9) Please ensure that you collect children promptly at the end of the class. There will be a late fee charge of £10 for each 15 minutes or part thereof that the parent/carer is late. This is to cover the cost of staffing. Any outstanding late fee will need to be paid before the pupil can attend the next session. If a child is to be allowed to leave without a parent/guardian, this must be stated in writing at the time of booking.
10) The Junior Lawyers’ Club reserves the right to exclude any pupil or carer from attending the class if deemed by the teacher to be suffering from any potentially infectious illness.
11) The parent/carer agrees that the pupil shall be deemed to be in the care and control of the parent/carer throughout the course, and the parent/carer shall be responsible for the conduct and welfare of the pupil throughout the course.
12) Photographs and videos may be taken by us of the classes, to be used in future publicity. Please inform us if you do not wish us to video or photograph your child.
13) The parent/carer agrees to indemnify The Junior Lawyers’ Club against any liabilities or losses, which can include loss of profit, which may arise from any act or omission of the parent, carer or child.
14) The Junior Lawyers’ Club will ensure that all activities take place in premises with the relevant insurance in place, and that all teachers have been subject to appropriate DBS checks.
Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.