Terms & Conditions

1) All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions and our online safety policy. By entering the child for the session the terms will be deemed to have been accepted by the parent or carer.
2) We are unable to accept children into classes without prior booking, due to safety restrictions online and tutor numbers, so we can maintain a ratio of a maximum of six participants per tutor in the online classes.
3) Cancellations or rescheduling by the customer:  To allow us to maintain our ratio of no more than six students per tutor, we do ask for one week notice by the customer prior to commencement of the course if they wish to cancel or reschedule.  If the customer gives less than one week of notice to cancel or reschedule, then there is a no-refund policy.  If you have booked a course of classes, notice of the wish to cancel must be given one week before the first workshop of the course.

4) Participants attending the workshops should be able to speak English fluently in order to participate in the debates and discussions.  We do provide additional language support in some workshop groups at extra cost, and can give advice on whether this is needed.  Please get in touch if you require this.
5) Pupils must be age 9 and above to join the online classes.  Pupils in the 12-14 workshops must be a minimum of age 12.
6) For classes to run effectively, a high degree of discipline and participation is required. If our tutors deem the behaviour of a student to fall below the level required, we will refund any outstanding money paid, in the event of a child being deemed not yet ready to attend the sessions.
7) Whilst we fully hope to run all sessions, in the unlikely event of our having to cancel a course prior to commencement, all advance payments will be returned in full.
8) MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, after the first class you attend, you or your child decide that the class is not suitable for any reason, please email straight after the class informing us of the reason and we will issue you with a full refund.  Do let us know within 2 hours of the first session.

9) Online safety policy:  Classes are conducted on Zoom.  A parent or guardian over 18 remains responsible for their children during the online classes.  The Junior Lawyers’ Club cannot accept responsibility for what is said or shown on screen by remote participants.  We disable screen sharing and chat boxes during the online classes, by anyone other than the tutors.

10) Dress code for the online classes is the same as for face-to-face classes.

9) Live Wimbledon workshops- Please ensure that you collect children promptly at the end of the class. In the live workshops parents must make their own arrangements with their child or carers to drop them off or collect them.
10) The Junior Lawyers’ Club reserves the right to exclude any pupil or carer from attending the live sessions if deemed by the teacher to be suffering from any potentially infectious illness.
11) The parent/carer agrees that the pupil shall be deemed to be in the care and control of the parent/carer throughout the course, and the parent/carer shall be responsible for the conduct and welfare of the pupil throughout the course.
12) Occasionally, photographs and videos may be taken by us of the classes, to be used in future publicity.   Please inform us in writing if you do not wish us to video or photograph your child.
13) The parent/carer agrees to indemnify The Junior Lawyers’ Club against any liabilities or losses, which can include loss of profit, which may arise from any act or omission of the parent, carer or child.
14) The Junior Lawyers’ Club will ensure that all activities take place in premises with the relevant insurance in place, and that all tutors have been subject to appropriate DBS checks.

15) The person making the booking is responsible for providing any updated information regarding emergency contact numbers.

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.