The JLC Certification Programme

Students can follow the programme by signing up to one workshop, several workshops, or by following the workshops over a number of months and gaining exams and certificates along the way.

The full programme consists of 10 completion levels.  Every five classes attended amounts to one completion level and students receive an e-certificate for membership after completing the first level.  We run new workshop themes every week, covering different topics and skills.  This allows students to learn something new in each workshop as they progress through the completion levels.

As the complete attendance in the workshops, students will be invited to take the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to mark their achievements.  These test the knowledge and skills that students have gained during the programme.  They will receive an e-certificate and a report with written feedback after completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold achievement awards.  Once they achieve Gold, they become a JLC Graduate, and can then work towards Mastery Levels.

These are purely optional and each student can decide whether or not to participate in the awards.

Bronze Award


  1. Give a short presentation on a given topic;

Silver Award


  1. Act as an advocate for a third party;
  2. Demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in front of a panel.

Gold Award:


Students will be given a number of rigorous challenges to complete, to demonstrate competence in the skills and knowledge gained during the programme.