Yes you can.  We are a licensed Approved Activity Provider for the Skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

We hold ongoing term time workshops.  At the end of each week, you will receive a summary of the workshop and some suggestions for further research/reading.  Together this counts as your one-hour activity for the week.  If you are unable to make a workshop, due to an expedition for example, we send you catch-up materials to complete and submit for that week.

During the holiday weeks, you will receive an assignment to complete that will take one hour.  You will need to submit written evidence of having completed this during that week, and we can credit you with having completed an hour’s activity to keep your credits going during the timeframe.  There is no charge for the written assignments.

Each week, you will need to complete your DofE activity log.  To do this, you can write a sentence stating ‘This week we looked at…’ setting out the theme or topic for the workshop or assignment.