• A good broadband connection is essential. We must be able to hear you properly for you to participate in the activities.
  • Lagging/connectivity – check your broadband connection against the Zoom minimum requirements which are as an absolute minimum: 2.0 Mbps upload and download for single screen.  These are an absolute minimum and you may still experience audio/screen issues if you have higher than that.  Connection quality will depend on factors such as the time of day, other devices being used, and the hardware you use. This can affect your audio and camera quality. Connection quality can also vary considerably in different rooms.
  • Test out your broadband connection using a speedchecker to check the speed. Remember to check both the download AND the upload speed. If your upload speed is slow, this will affect how we can hear and see you on screen.
  • Remember that broadband speed can vary considerably if other people in the house are using it to stream eg. watching Netflix/gaming/downloading/video conferencing.

Speakers and Microphone:

  • Do ensure you test your mic and speakers before you join the class.
  • You can use the button with the microphone icon to mute and unmute yourself. If you click on this, you can also select ‘Test speaker and microphone’ to check your audio. Please do this if you lose sound in the session.
  • Make sure you have the right microphone connected – click on the microphone icon  and choose ‘audio’ under settings then select the correct microphone.
  • Sound issues are often caused by poor broadband connection or upload speed. It can also involve something as simple as checking the volume on your microphone and speakers or making sure the microphone is not too near your mouth when using headphones.
  • Buzzing noise – this can sometimes be caused by faulty headphones or headphone connection, or when a mobile phone is kept too near to the computer.
  • Feedback noise- this is often caused from slow internet connection, creating a feedback loop.
  • Some issues can be solved by logging out and then back in again to Zoom. If that fails, please try logging on using a different device.