The Junior Lawyers Club 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
The Junior Lawyers Club
What the children say…

‘The activities were amazing.I definitely feel more confident speaking in front of people now.’
‘Everything was fun and you still learned’
‘I loved learning debating skills - how to make arguments to make a point, as it made me realise you need to have a reason for the things you say.’
‘I really enjoyed the classes because I learnt lots of things and all the activities were fun!’
‘I enjoyed the interview session
‘It’s a fun way to improve your confidence in public speaking’
‘It’s useful for negotiating pocket money with your parents’
‘It’s fun and educational- you learn practical skills you use in everyday life’
‘I loved it, especially the trial’
‘I liked the court case because it was fun and I learnt a lot.’
‘The activities were really fun. I think each week after these activities I will be really confident.’
‘I thought the classes were fun and that they helped us in many ways. This has made me more confident speaking in front of people.’
‘The negotiation was fun and practical.’
The Junior Lawyers Club
Comments on our teachers…

‘The teacher was nice, everything was well-organised’
‘The teachers were active and fun’
‘Our teachers were awesome.’
The Junior Lawyers Club
What the parents say…

"These sessions helped my daughter to build her skills and confidence in public speaking and to express her thoughts effectively. She found this really helpful for her secondary school interview.’

‘my son loves being a member of the Junior Lawyers’ Club – he keeps asking ‘when is the next session?’

'My daughter has aways been shy and struggled to speak in public. After a few sessions I could see her confidence growing, and noticed how she was able to put together an argument on any subject. She really enjoyed the classes - especially the advocacy sessions where she role-played a lawyer. The interview to be Head Girl made her aware of things like handshakes and eye contact, and helped her in her transition to secondary school. As a former Governor of a central London school, I think the initiative to teach children the skills of a lawyer is useful in many ways. The team at the JLC were all very professional and I wholeheartedly recommend it!'

"My son was apprehensive about attending his first class, however he came out beaming. It was genuinely a pleasure to hear all the children laughing and looking so captivated."