debate, advocacy, performance skills for 8 to 11 year olds

What happens in the classes?

All sorts of fun activities designed to stretch your mind and challenge your comfort zone! Scenarios can range from designing a new restaurant or art gallery and pitching your ideas to a crowd of investors, to giving an election speech, interviewing candidates for a job interview for a company you have designed, or defending someone in a mock trial. Everyone gets involved and, with the help of our instructors, you will become even more confident in winning arguments, thinking on the spot and persuading people to agree with you.

Participants develop confidence in public speaking and the ability to effectively persuade their audience. Each workshop is based on a different theme, developing an interest in current affairs and a wide range of topics ranging from architecture to zoology. You will receive a Certificate of Completion on completion of a set number of hours.

Pupils and Juniors often work together in the workshops, sometimes in speaking in separate smaller groups or to a larger group.

The JLC is a public learning destination for the Children’s University at Bath Spa University. Any workshops attended will count as hours towards graduation. Please bring your passport to learning to the session.

The classes cover:

  •  Creative and Critical Thinking skills: Activities to increase mental agility
  • Soft Skills: Activities which develop team-work, leadership, interview and negotiating skills
  • Exam Skills: Activities to develop logic, analysis and creativity, analysing information, ordering and presenting arguments
  • Advocacy and Debating Skills: Role-plays and activities to develop confidence and skill in formulating and delivering persuasive arguments.

Classes in:

  • Wimbledon
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Isle of Wight