Venue: Central Bath (The Crypt, St Michael’s, entrance opposite Waitrose Podium)

Time: 9-30am/10-30am

Age: 8-13 years

Upcoming Dates:

9 November
23 November
7 December

Please note we are a learning destination for Children’s University Bristol and South Gloucestershire, so any hours attended will count towards Children’s University hours.

Please note that we do expect all participants to abide by the JLC Code of Conduct below,


Each of our workshops is designed as a series of fast-paced, timed activities. In order to cover the activities, we require all participants to follow these 3 rules:

To listen in silence when the tutor gives instructions and feedback and to promptly follow tutor instructions

To speak respectfully whilst in the class and to listen respectfully to others when it is their turn to speak.

To have fun and learn new skills!

Safeguarding Policy: Please note that whilst you are welcome to leave the premises during the class times, we provide supervision for the children within the classroom and within the lesson times only. Please note that children who need to leave the classroom for any reason will not be supervised. If you choose to leave the venue, please ensure you make arrangements with your child for where and when you collect them, and that you are happy for your child to use the toilets in the venue, unaccompanied, should they need them. Should it be the case that we are required to supervise children beyond the workshop times, then we reserve the right to claim all additional expenses and losses.