Each class consists of:

  • Language Skills: Activities and games to improve and extend vocabulary – using language appropriately, speaking fluently and persuasively.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Games to develop logic and creativity – analysing and extracting information, ordering and presenting arguments
  • Debate and Drama: games and activities to develop debate, performance and advocacy skills

This level is designed for Key Stage 3 students aged 11-13

What happens in the classes?

All sorts of fun activities designed to stretch your mind and challenge your comfort zone!  Scenarios can range from designing a new restaurant or art gallery and pitching your ideas to a crowd of investors, to giving an election speech, interviewing candidates for a job interview for a company you have designed, or defending someone in a mock trial.  Everyone gets involved and, with the help of our instructors, you will become even more confident in winning arguments and persuading people to agree with you.  You will need to think on the spot, and learn and use memory skills.  You will receive a Certificate of Achievement on successfully completing each term.

The JLC Debate and Drama workshops can help your child with the ability to:

  • Build life skills including the ability to listen, research, present and express an argument
  • Tackle exam and interview scenarios
  • Build confidence on speaking in public with constant feedback, suggestions and support for continual improvement
  • Increase mental agility and the ability to listen, think and form arguments in timed conditions
  • Build business skills of networking and managing a team
  • Foster analysis and critical thinking
  • Demonstrate logical and lateral thinking – creating and expressing arguments, solutions and ideas